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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hanako Oku and Oku Hanako are the same person:

I had to hit the panic button when I realized two of my 'one-hit wonders' were actually the same girl, just once with her last name listed first and the next time with her first name listed first.  This is a common problem with Japanese names translated over into English.  Some flip the names to English standard, some don't.

That would put me at 201 eminent composers, so I had to think fast.  I carefully checked whether Kousuke Yamashita was really responsible for all that good Zelda music he was claiming credit for -- and it turns out he wasn't, that was all really composed by Koji Kondo.  Therefore I was able to eliminate Yamashita from my eminent composers list, add in Hanako Oku, and stay at 200.

As a side benefit, Koji Kondo finally gets the recognition he deserves with 7 song credits to his name.

I've preserved my beautiful tally of exactly 200 composers one more time.  Meanwhile, my one hit wonder tally switches over to 235.

Congrats to Loyola-Chicago making it to the Final Four as an 11 seed.  VCU already did that though.

Dragon Ball Super had a perfect ending, exactly in line with what I predicted.  It really couldn't have gone any other way without being an atrocity.  The series fulfilled its maximum potential and beyond.  It's nice that we're getting a movie later but it isn't really necessary.  I see no reason why Dragon Ball can't just end here.  What more could the story possibly do?  And how much longer can the original voice actors continue to keep things legitimate by continuing to lend their iconic voices to the iconic roles?  They should quit while they're still ahead.

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