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Monday, October 27, 2008

What is racism? Why is it bad? Part II

Previously I defined racism as:

1) Racism: To care about group characteristics and attach importance to the fact that people belong to certain groups, in this case the genetically related clusters known as race.

I also gave the definition:

"Preferring those genetically near to you to those genetically distant from you, just like your own relatives over strangers."

Later I described racism thusly:

"A Racist is a follower of their inborn Will, the genetic wish for your genes to continue on to the next generation, and the one after that, and grow in strength each time so that nothing can challenge your continued survival, and grow in number each time so that Life continues its age old project of converting the will-less universe into the willed universe, a universe of Body, Will, AND Mind, and all its pretty thoughts."

Despite how hard it is to make a compelling argument for a question of values as opposed to a question of fact, I have tried my best to show why people should value life, and that their race is the primary agent of continued survival and success. If people insist on not valuing even life itself, I'm truly stumped. If they do value life qua life, they cannot object to its fundamental principles like the wish to propagate, the wish to survive, the wish to evolve, accumulate resources, gain power, etc. The only people who accept these fundamental principles are the racists, the nationalists, who wish to order their nation in such a way as to nurture and foster these ends. This is why racism is a complete value-system that can inform every decision in life, yield a spiritual meaning and glory to your existence, and build a community for all its adherents. Instead of relying on outdated fairy tale lies peddled by religions, however, it is organic and grows from the nature of reality itself, and is thus more rewarding and stronger than any value system that has ever come before it. Properly Racism should become another world religion, its members Racists, and their creed spelled out in some sort of short, all-encompassing book that could strike to the heart of the matter. Racism is both age-old and entirely new, and this is due to the fact that the modern age has for the first time seriously thrown all the various races of the world together by breaking down all the natural borders to transportation and communication, and that modern science has found objective factual measurements of the differences between the races. In the past it was hard to be racist when contact with other races was non-existent. And in the recent past, it was hard to know if racism was correct, or just an outdated prejudice based on ignorance. Both of these factors are gone.

Like breathing, being racist isn't considered very important until one stops doing it. Then the people who never paid any attention to being racist but figured it would take care of itself, suddenly find themselves choking to death and on the edge of extinction. The need for explicit, conscious racism instead of implicit, subconscious racism is more dire than ever before, due to the breakdown of impersonal natural forces keeping the races apart. Our people are having an asthma attack, the natural working of the lungs has failed, and only explicit, conscious, reasoned racism can be the inhaler that rescues them. The impersonal barriers of separation are gone. It is time for personal barriers to be thrown up, and thus the time for Racism the ideology, the reasoning process of this survival mechanism, to emerge.

Which brings me to the second point that until recently, it was hard to know if racism was true, or truly necessary, or just an outdated prejudice due to ignorance. If everyone were truly the same if raised in the same way, then racism would have no meaning. If everyone were just as related to each other as everyone else, then racism would have no meaning. There was a brief period of time where it was intellectually feasible to reject racism as a primitive prejudice born of ignorance instead of knowledge. These people were objecting to the inborn racism built into everyone not used to seeing foreigners or differences, they assumed time and education would erase all the observed differences and the age of aquarius would roll in. However, the exact opposite occured. Science proved the exact opposite point, and every single study only showed how vital, how intransigent, how unchangeable our genetic differences were.

Ethnic Genetic Interests by Frank Salter.
IQ and Global Inequality by Lynn and Vanahu.
Bell Curve/Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray.

And a variety of different racial research that shows clear, distinct, genetic, real and irrevocable differences between the races, has made racism not prejudiced or ignorant, but knowledgable post-judice, that only prejudice and ignorance can avoid admitting is true. It may be that eventually genetic engineering will erase all the differences between people and we really will all be essentially the same. For now, however, race is real, the consequences of mixing races are really disastrous, and the evidence of this disaster is well documented and proven and observable all around the world. Research into the human genome and the influences of each gene and its unequal distribution among the various races will only continue to show how vastly different humans are, how some are far superior to others, and how imbecilic treating them as equal or expecting equal results from them is.

What is truly amazing is there is no longer any debate in academic circles that IQ is genetic and varies between the races. There is no questioning the correlations between IQ and criminality, productivity, great accomplishments, morality, stability, and so on. And thus there is no questioning that the high IQ races are better by any measure than the low IQ ones. But racism, inherent in this position, is the most derided belief of all. How can a well agreed upon, utterly proven, irrevocably established factual knowledge of reality be the worst possible belief on earth?

Or, to go back to my title, why is racism bad?

The truth is, racism is commonly defined as: "Hatred and malicious intent towards a race, or any belief that might possibly justify hatred and malicious intent towards a race, or any belief that might justify any position that has any negative impact on a race." Of course, this definition leaves out whites who, due to our presumably happy situation and circumstances in the world, don't deserve any protection from racism and indeed deserve to be taken down a few notches to, presumably, a more 'fair' spot on the totem pole.

By expanding the fishing net to include tertiary and secondary causes of the primary fear, hatred and malicious intent towards a race, a vast haul of racists is brought in to trial. Anything that could promote hatred for or harming of a racial group, is in this case just as bad as directly hating and wishing harm to said group. People who protest they take no sadistic glee in butchering darker skinned people are still racist by this definition, because their views, if enacted, would still do vast harm to said dark skinned people, and that is good enough.

Imagine if a sensible racist goal were enacted, for instance, immigration were not permitted to any white controlled territory. For the vast dark skinned masses, this is irreparable harm to their ethnic genetic interests. They could use all of that land and all those resources to house billions more of their people, but we refuse to let them and use it to house, feed, and clothe our own instead. This is inhumanly cruel to them and a vast harm to their folk. Thus, it is racist.

Or consider another sensible racist goal, restricting the technological advances we invent to benefit only our own people. This would give us a competitive advantage in productive capacity and thus the other races would shrink and shrink as a proportion of the gene pool. This is irreparable harm as the dark skinned races of course wish to grow their numbers and become the vast majority of the gene pool. Without these new technologies they couldn't support all the extra people necessary for their race to thrive, and thus it is racist to not give it to them.

Or another racist goal, to colonize a new planet in space with only whites, allowing no other race on board. What enormous harm we have done to them! Now an entire planet won't be available to them, billions of their people will not be born or be rich, and all because of our racism that discriminates against them.

Thus ANY sensible measure, any benefit whites ever do by themselves for themselves, falls under the rubric of malicious hatred of everyone else. It does not matter whether sadism was our motivating force or just love of our own and preference for the objectively Good and noble, because the result is the same. Any belief that might lead to a negative impact on the well being of other races, is racist, and must be stopped at any cost. Everything must be shared equally and everyone must benefit equally from whatever we do, lest any race be left behind or become worse off.

Any sensible belief, like blacks are idiots and thugs, is the same as hatred and malicious intent towards a race, because those who believe such things are more likely to have hatred and malicious intent. It is like how drinking and drug use are themselves illegal, in large part because they lead to criminal behavior once used. Not everyone who drinks or everyone who uses drugs then goes out and does a crime, but the risk factor is so increased that society has deemed it wise to forbid it and thus forestall the likely consequences. A belief that blacks are idiots and thugs, won't 100% lead to a new holocaust, but it raises the risk factor of the believer initiating such an action and thus is forbidden from the start to forestall such a consequence. With logic like this, the facts themselves can become forbidden, truth becomes criminal, and reality is legislated away.

"Racism is bad because it leads to the Holocaust." To these people, it does not matter whether racism is technically true or not. What matters is it ups the chances of inter-racial conflict and thus it must be stopped. An anti-racist is less likely to enslave, genocide, rape, or eat members of another race than a racist. This is all that need be known. Clearly, racism is thus bad. This is like people who view radiation as bad because it harms living tissue even while a cancer patient is in the emergency room on the brink of death. Or that knocking someone down is bad because it hurts even if it's to stop him from getting hit by a car. Yes, racism is dangerous. Yes, racism ups the risks for inter-racial conflict (at least in the short term, in the long term it actually decreases conflict by keeping races separate and thus depriving them of opportunity to conflict about anything). Yes, racism can justify genocide, slavery, rape, or anything else. But what is the alternative? Without racism the world is doomed. It cannot be simpler than this. For every bad consequence racism could produce, the consequences of not being racist are all around us and infinitely worse. It is like worrying about whether you turned the light off while the house is on fire. Yes, keeping the light on will slightly raise your electric bill at the end of the month, and all things being equal it's best to turn off your lights as you leave the room, but given the fact that the house is BURNING DOWN and you will DIE if you don't leave, it may be appropriate to consider ignoring the lights and just going.

Here is what will happen if racism and its attendant actions are not implemented:

The white race, currently 10% of the world, will dwindle to 1% by the end of the century. Birth rates, immigration, miscegenation, and anti-white legislation will all take its toll, and our day will be done, even if gas chambers don't round up and exterminate our pilfering remainder. It will effectively cease to exist, without the ability to influence society or make any impact on the future. Don't complain to me about this prediction, take it up with the UN. These are their population forecasts not mine. With it will die the most creative, smartest, highest achieving, most moral people on earth. The rest of humanity's future will be that much inferior to what it should have been. As almost all history is simply the progress of the white race across time, it is possible that with us will die all progress entirely, and that furthermore all races will regress to the point in time before they met us and relied on us to provide them with the advancements we made. Jews are set to die out as a population even sooner than whites, their birth rates and miscegenation are just as disastrous as ours, and they are far fewer to begin with. No reliance can be made on them. East Asians though more numerous have an even lower birth rate than ours, and historically speaking no confidence can be placed in their politics, science, art, or human decency. If they do inherit the earth, it will most likely be with an iron fist, lives will be stratified, impoverished, meagre and strict. Conformity will be required and change banned. Such is the way of eastern despotism. Supposing East Asians also commit mass racial suicide, Islam will rule the world by the end of the century. There has seldom been a more stultified, totalitarian, ridiculous and evil belief system as theirs. The race of its practictioners are the most violent, terrible, civilization wreckers to ever walk the earth, and after they destroy all the temples of their opponents and slowly choke to death all their minorities that live underneath them, their inherent stupidity as a race makes sure nothing will replace whatever they just destroyed. Jihad has claimed something like 500 million lives already. No doubt if Islam did conquer the world, it would claim billions more. Without whites or E. Asians to oppose them, nothing could stop them from rolling over all remaining peoples of the earth. From there they would impose their draconian policies that forbid all 'innovation' as a sin against Allah. There would be no reason to believe that the resultant dark age would ever be escaped. Supposing Islam didn't succeed we could instead have a future of 'Greater Mexico' or 'Greater Brazil.' Countries where lawlessness and corruption are king, no advancements in science or the arts ever occur, and the economy never improves since robber baron after robber baron bankrupts any money as soon as it's made. Taking whites out of the picture of Mexico and South America, all of its virtues and productivity would leave with it, and all the vices would redouble now totally unrestrained. It would be a banana republic where anything goes and nothing gets done--only writ across the whole world. Or perhaps, just for completion's sake, sub-saharan Africa will inherit the earth. Do I even have to portray the comedy of Africa writ large? Murder and rape everywhere, starvation and disease everywhere, mutilation and black magic everywhere, shacks and cardboard considered the height of architecture, Big Men with their 100 mistresses and 1,000 kids walking around bedecked in bling and surrounded by ak-47 toting skinny mean looking guards chanting 'kill x, kill y', whoever the rival of the day is. South Asians, do to their passivity and stupidity, I assure you could never conquer the world because across all history they have never conquered anything and been conquered over a dozen times. Forget about them, whoever rules the world, they will all find it quite easy to wipe out the Indians. Muslims in India are already making a fine work of it, having purged all hindus out of Pakistan and Bangladesh while still continuing to grow as a proportion of mainland India's population. Anyone else could do the same. These are our choices folk. Who do we pass the baton to? Who do you trust with the future of life and all things noble and good? If not whites, who? The obvious B-team is Japan, Korea, and China but Human Accomplishment already tells us what to expect from them. Is this really what we want to make of our only chance at life? Is there any guarantee the East Asians won't die out just like us as shown by their birthrate removing 40% of their whole population each generation? Forget about them. Relying on them so that we can lazily avoid the responsibility ourselves is mere childishness. Gambling the future of the whole universe on such inadequate successors is mere nihilism. If we value anything, we must forestall the end of the white race. We are the key to every good outcome. We always have been, we are currently, and there is a 99% chance that only we ever will be. The risk is too great to simply lay down and die.

But, we are told, a far less important risk, a danger of a much lesser magnitude, which is purely theoretical and NOT, in fact, happening all over the world like the death of the white race is--that racism will lead to a new holocaust, or harm dark skinned people in some way--means we must lay down and die. Means the white race must perish. The risk, you see, is simply too high. If we don't lay down and die, someone might get hurt. Just imagine the horrible future where africans are no longer butchering, raping, mutilating and infecting each other because evil white racists got rid of them! Just imagine how many fewer drug wars, gang wars, and bankruptices South America would have if evil white racists succeeded in getting rid of hispanics! Just imagine how many fewer slum cities, rat worshippers, and medidative trancers India would hold if whites were to replace them! Just imagine how many fewer beheadings, burqas, and terrorist bombings would occur if we were to so cruelly wipe out the muslims! And then think of all that rich diverse food we could no longer eat!

Yes, racism is bad, you see, because in one case an inferior race might get harmed, whereas right now we are only sure that the superior race, with superior accomplishments, superior civilization, superior wealth, superior technology, superior looks, superior traditions and superior thinking is only sure to die. Better to not take the risk! We don't want to rock the boat after all!

And so it goes. And all this simply from the viewpoint of objective racism, never mind the love and happiness and pride one can take in his people subjectively, and what a tragedy it would be to be surrounded by aliens completely unlike you, who don't look like you, think like you, talk like you, or love you--who most likely hate you when push comes to shove. Supposing you were the last survivor of the white race wandering around a country of darker skins, the alienation and loneliness and misery would be nearly the same as the last inhabitant on earth. A fugitive in our own historic homeland, everything we made overturned, every graveyard vandalized, every church bombed, every book burned. No, it is sickening to even think about how defenseless our minority status will make us be, how the efforts of all our ancestors will be vilified, expropriated, and smashed, how all hope for our children will be gone before they're even born, never given a chance by the supremacist hateful dark skins all around them. Most likely, like when the turks or arabs had the ascendancy over Europe, sold as harem slaves for their beautiful exotic faces--boy or girl. This is our future without racism. So if with racism, gasp, conflict might occur, people might be killed, or even enslaved, or whatever the horror story is, to this I say:



Red Squirrel said...

I arrived here from Fjordman's discussion on liberal feminists. and I am impressed with what you say. I agree with you. How refreshing!
It is a biological imperitive to be xenophobic, to be otherwise is to bring about your own downfall.
We have a great struggle ahead.

Limpet said...

1) Racism: To care about group characteristics and attach importance to the fact that people belong to certain groups, in this case the genetically related clusters known as race.

We should make a distinction between :
- people who care about race and want to preserve the white race.
- people who care about race and want to abolish the white race.
- nitwits who do not care one way or the other.

the modern age has for the first time seriously thrown all the various races of the world together by breaking down all the natural borders to transportation and communication,

And also, the organization of society has changed. We used to take care of our own people. Then, a welfare bureaucracy was developped to do the job. Then, the bureaucracy decided to spend the welfare money to raise and breed immigrants instead of doing its assigned job. It reminds me of the way farmers associate to create a chicken plant with the help of a few industrialists. After a few years, the owners of the plant sometimes decide to import the chickens from another country.

It may be that eventually genetic engineering will erase all the differences between people and we really will all be essentially the same.

In the future, I think we will create a race of green fluorescent slaves to do the menial work, and a race of engineers with computer chips inserted into their brains to run the factories.

The white race, currently 10% of the world, will dwindle to 1% by the end of the century.

I still think it doesn't matter. We need to stop immigration to white countries, but it shouldn't matter to us if population increases in non-white countries.

If [East Asians] do inherit the earth, it will most likely be with an iron fist, lives will be stratified, impoverished, meagre and strict. Conformity will be required and change banned.

And why not? It used to be my ideal: an endless cycle of living happily in the countryside generation after generation after generation.

[ When the white race ceases to exist, ] The rest of humanity's future will be that much inferior to what it should have been.

But immigration fanatics do not care about that. They want to destroy the white race, not to improve the lot of the non-whites.

Alejandro Rodríguez said...

Your mention of Muslims as an unintelligent race is just outright false. First of all, Muslims are not a race because Islam is a religion. There are Muslims of all ethnicities, in fact, East Asians may constitute the highest population of Muslims as opposed to Arabs (Malaysia and Indonesia, anyone?). Second, Muslims were the cultural and scientific power during the Middle Ages and white Europeans owe a lot to their achievements. How is this so if they are inferior, dumb, and all that jazz? See how ridiculous your assertions are?
And it is simply not true East Asians are passive and won't conquer anything. China is already doing that, and will probably supplant the United States as the foremost imperialistic power in the world.
I also want to use your logic on Blacks and Hispanics and turn it around to Whites just to continue exposing the absurdity of your claims. Whites were the ones responsible for colonization, decimating entire cultures, enslaving entire peoples, and causing the bloodiest wars in the history of mankind (WWI and II). And they continue to do it, only in a more subtle way, as shown by the imposition of their cultural mores on anyone else through the mass media. Of course, they continue to do it the old fashioned way, as shown by the constant military incursions by the USA and other European countries in the Middle East, where Arabs are not treated as human and get killed left and right.
With all this evidence, it is not just moral, it is imperative to get rid of the White "race" once and for all to avoid all this senseless bloodshed. But of course, that is ridiculous, as Whites have no collective guilt for crimes committed by some of them, and just as they have brought a lot of evil to the world, they have also brought a lot of good, just like Hispanics, Arabs, Blacks, East Asians and so on.